Medical Researchers

About the job

We source published scientific research to develop evidence-based articles that are understandable for the patient community hoping to get a better understanding of IVF and the questions surrounding the many fertility options available. Our company ethos is “balanced research that helps people make decisions based on science and facts.”

We are looking for an individual to join our leadership team, someone who can lead a team of researchers and work in a collaborative environment with people who have deep levels of subject matter expertise in their respective areas.

Job Responsibilities

The work involves researching scientific references (e.g. peer reviewed published manuscripts) to support online articles written for a general audience.

The researchers will be provided with an assignment letter, populated with headings/questions, which require evidence-based research to support the information provided to the reader. The researcher will provide the citations for a particular topic heading, along with short summaries of findings, which will be used by the content writers to create the article.

Overall, you will gather the sources and highlight the findings for each question/subtopic so that the writers can write an article based on scientific evidence.

Who are we looking for?

This role is suitable for a medical/MSc/PhD student, Post-Doc, lab tech/manager, research associate, or other individual with experience and research interest in Artificial Reproductive Technology and fertility.

  • You should have excellent writing skills and the ability to write about research findings for a more generalized (non-researcher) audience.
  • You should understand “the research hierarchy” and can acknowledge and summarize why some research pieces are better than others.
  • You enjoy evidence-based research including presenting contradictory findings in a balanced format.
  • Analytical skills and ability to decipher research methods and statistics for choosing good articles.
  • You should be both able to work independently and also to support the wider team.
  • Organizational and communication skills are important to the role.

Other details

Assignments will be provided on an ongoing basis. This is a part-time contract/temporary position which is fully remote, and we anticipate the role taking approximately 5-10 hours per week. You will need to supply your own laptop and WiFi to access the online virtual office. Renumeration will be paid on an hourly basis, at a negotiable rate based on experience.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send any questions to the email provided below. Please submit your CV/resume to: Subject: Medical Researcher

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