About Fertilitywise

Fertilitywise brings the patient and medical communities together by offering evidence-based research that presents the latest advances across a broad range of fertility topics. Our goal is to empower patients with foundational knowledge and expertise in the form of scientifically-researched articles.

We started Fertilitywise in 2019 because, just like you, we wanted to have a baby. And when we embarked on this pursuit through endless rounds of fertility treatments, we realized the amount of poor and biased information out there. The patients who have helped in creating the information we provide have done it because many of us patients spent countless hours doing research with clinics, other patients, and journal articles. We applied that same drive for evidenced based research for answers and joined with doctors, clinics and universities. The doctors who joined wanted to provide clearer and accurate information to the patient community. Our doctors are currently practicing in specialized areas of fertility. Together we curated original research from all the journal articles, medical textbooks, and conferences into one place for you! So that you can be an advocate for yourself when you meet with doctors on your own fertility journey.

Demystifying Fertility Treatments

As fertility assistance options continue to evolve, it can be difficult to navigate the expanding landscape, sourcing providers and scientific research free from bias. We’re here to demystify fertility treatments, by providing curated evidence-based research and information on options. From In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to egg freezing, to recurrent pregnancy loss and third-party reproduction, we have the facts you need to make educated decisions at every stage of your journey.

Research Topics