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Get started with our Fertility Journey series

Each week, we're making one of our evidence-based articles free to read. (For full unlimited access, become a member today.)

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How Do We Know?

We have been through our own IVF journeys, some successfully and some not. We understand better than anyone the importance of having access to unbiased and scientifically sound research and information that can help inform these life-changing decisions.

Our Research

We also know it can be hard to determine what information to trust. That is why we assembled a team of fertility experts to thoroughly research and write on a range of fertility topics. We are offering those fact-based and medically-reviewed articles here, so that you can be sure– no matter where you are in your exploration of fertility options – that you are relying on the most current scientific research in the field.

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What Is Asherman’s Syndrome?

Asherman’s syndrome is a rare condition defined by the formation of scar tissue in the uterine cavity. It does not have a genetic predisposition and can affect any woman, with a potential impact on fertility. Most cases develop in women who have undergone uterine surgeries. If a woman has received an Asherman’s syndrome diagnosis and is concerned about its impact on her fertility, it is beneficial to understand the symptoms, causes, and range of potential reproductive outcomes.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture is a type of complementary medicine involving the insertion of small needles into specific acupuncture points in the body. It is believed to work by stimulating the nervous system, which can then affect muscles and glands. It has been estimated that over 30 percent of women undergoing fertility treatment will access an alternative medical approach such as acupuncture during their treatment.i  Fertility acupuncture gained popularity in North American around 2009. Since then, research of varying quality has been conducted to assess the role of acupuncture in both male and female fertility. Its effectiveness in helping improve fertility, especially with respect to IVF success rates, remains unclear.

Can STIs (STDs) Cause Infertility?

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can potentially damage the reproductive organs and lead to infertility. It is crucial for sexually active individuals, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation to undergo STI testing regularly in order to proactively take responsibility for their sexual health. Early diagnosis and management of STIs are essential for avoiding long-term harm to reproductive organs and for maintaining fertility. This article covers what STIs are, how they may impact fertility, and options for their prevention and treatment.

DHEA for Fertility Improvements: Facts and Research

DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is a chemical naturally occurring in the body that is frequently suggested as a supplement for female fertility patients. DHEA is important for producing androgen hormones, specifically testosterone, which is critical for female fertility. There is evidence supporting DHEA supplementation may improve egg quality and/or production due to its role in follicular development.

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