Social Media Manager (Contract)

We are a new fertility website, We ensure evidence-based research is available in easy-to-read articles, explaining the latest and greatest in research development surrounding fertility. We also provide an active community that is moderated to ensure that we have the best community in a safe and ad-free environment. Our company ethos revolves around a passion for factual and scientific information that helps patients with their fertility-related decision-making.

We are looking for an individual to join our social media team, someone to post/share/TikTok and gram to raise awareness on fertility issues and about our website.

Position Summary

As our part-time Social Media Manager, you'll be responsible for crafting engaging content, including posts, graphics, videos, and co-branded materials that resonate with our audience and reflect our commitment to accurate, research-based information. We anticipate the role taking approximately 5-10 hours per week with it growing in the coming months. Some weekend work may be required due to the job's nature.

While a medical background isn't necessary, a deep understanding of fertility concepts and the ability to communicate complex ideas in simple, relatable terms is crucial. You'll collaborate closely with our SEO specialists, marketing, and branding teams to execute our content strategy, manage our content calendar, and track performance to continuously enhance engagement.

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Manage day-to-day operations for both Paid and Organic social media campaigns. This includes the management and updating of our social content calendar
  • Create short and engaging written social content aligned with our preexisting social media strategy as well as our brand voice and editorial style guide
  • Develop paid social advertising campaigns and optimize toward designated goals.
  • Partner with other members of the Marketing and IT team to execute digital strategies and tactics.
  • Graphic design of social media imagery when none is readily available.
  • Create tables and graphs to explain concepts.   
  • Prepare and edit videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok.
  • Work with our partnerships in preparing co-branded materials.  
  • Review reporting of performance versus benchmarks, using data to drive recommendations and decisions.

Note this is not a strategy position.  You will be executing a previously designed strategy on a day-to-day basis.


  • Bachelor's and/or a master’s degree in Marketing, Business, Communications is preferred.
  • 5+ years’ experience in Social Media Management
  • The ability to write about research findings for a more generalized (non-researcher) audience. Enjoys describing scientific concepts in easy-to-understand language.   
  • Practical experience with both Organic and Paid social platforms, including but not limited to Meta Business Suite, TikTok, Instagram.
  • Proficient in using Canva and/or Adobe Illustrator to create images that explain larger concepts.
  • An understanding of working with influencers and working with co-collaborators.
  • Organizational, project management, and communication skills.  Attention to detail is your passion.
  • An understanding of current events in the news and their importance.
  • You are passionate about evidence-based research and ensuring that we dispel misinformation on the internet.
  • Ability to work asynchronously as a team member.

Other details

  • You must supply your own computer
  • Reliable internet connection

Renumeration will be paid on an hourly basis, at a rate negotiable based on experience.  You will be required to sign a proprietary information agreement.

How to Apply

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send any questions to the email provided below.

Please submit your CV/resume to: Social Media Manager